Small Dining Living Room Combo Decoration Tips and Ideas

Having problem with the space of your house? With small space, it is not easy to divide the rooms in the house. As a solution, you can combine 2 different rooms into one area. One of the most popular ideas is small dining living room combo. Here, you will have dining room and living room at the same area. This will be nice if you can arrange everything neatly. Therefore, here we will share some tricks and ideas to keep the small space work well for 2 areas.

How to Arrange Furniture for Small Dining Living Room Combo

Do you want to make your narrow dining living room combo look and feel larger? Furniture arrangement is the key. We have some smart decorating tips and furniture arrangement ideas for your small space:

  1. Lightweight Furniture

Applying heavyweight is the most common mistake for a small space. You cannot only pay attention to the actual size of furniture, but also the weight. In this case, the weight does not only include the visual weight. For example, pieces with legs and light color home furniture will look lighter than boxy or dark upholstered pieces.

As we know, leggy chairs do not obstruct views of the floor or passage in the small space. So, the small space will feel more open. Besides that, glass or metal coffee table also consumes little visual space. So it is also recommended so much for small dining living room combo.

  1. Neutral Color

With small dining living room, as if you want to push the walls back. It is impossible to do that. However, neutral color can give the impression of larger space. With neutral color, your eyes can roam freely. Therefore, your small dining living room will feel much more expansive than it really is.

Interested to apply neutral colors throughout the small space? Many options are available and it is free to select one of them. White is always the best choice. Cream, silver and gray will also be able to expand the look of small space. In this case, applying dark colors is forbidden.

  1. Small Scale Furniture

When you choose furniture, you have to make sure that the furniture has the appropriate scale for the area or room and also for who use it. In case of small space for dining and living room, a Saarinen Tulip chair with sleek design & small scale is very nice. Parsons table will also suit to small space. Besides that, armless chair is also better than chair with arms. Even though it is heftier, the lines & shape of armless chair will not make a small space feel crowded.

That is the keys when you plan for your small dining living room combo. To optimize the space built in storage will also be a good idea. Optimizing the light is also very useful. For the alternative of table, you can use ottomans for coffee tables. One more important thing is to make clear traffic paths in the area.

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